What We Offer

Below is only a partial list of the many dental services we offer our patients. In order to better serve your dental needs, we recommend a complete examination followed by a complimentary consultation in which we will create a dental plan that best meets your needs and lifestyle.

General (Family) Dentistry

Our practice provides a wide range of dental services including thorough teeth cleanings, restoring decayed teeth, crowns, bridgework, complete and partial dentures, root canal therapy and routine oral surgery.

Dental Fear

Donít let fear of dentistry prevent you from enjoying the benefits of good oral health. We offer a variety of techniques to help those needing assistance in coping with the anxiety associated with dental treatment. See our web page on dental fear for detailed information.

Teeth Whitening

If youíre dissatisfied with the color of your teeth, teeth whitening can help you be proud of your smile again. Let us show you how easily and painlessly we can brighten your smile and improve your self-confidence.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dental techniques of bonding and veneers can produce the smile you have always wanted. Chipped, crowded or spaced teeth can be transformed to the desired shape with minimal office visits.


Our office is happy to see all members of the family. First examinations should occur around age one to insure no problems are developing and determine if fluoride supplements are needed. Professional cleanings should begin no later than age 3. Our dental team is experienced in treating and handling the special dental needs of children.


Dental implants are small anchors placed under the gums to support one tooth, a group of teeth or a complete denture. Dr. Sangrik has extensive training in this exciting field of dentistry and routinely does both the surgical placement of the implant and the restoration built upon it.

Athletic Mouthguards

Recent research has determined that a properly fitted athletic mouthguard not only prevents broken teeth but also reduces the chance of concussion to the brain during an athletic injury. The American Dental Association recommends even young children have an athletic mouthguard for contact sports. Our office can provide a properly fitted mouthguard to your young athlete at minimal cost.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a painless bacterial infection of the gums that destroys the bone holding the teeth in place. Because it has few symptoms, most people are unaware of its presence. Recent research has linked periodontal disease to cardiovascular problems and increased risk for heart attacks. We closely check for the earliest of signs at every check-up. By keeping computerized records of the health of your gums, we can identify even the subtlest of changes. Unlike the past, with early detection, periodontal disease can now be treated without surgery.


The looseness and difficulty of wearing complete dentures can often be avoided with overdentures. By retaining a few teeth or through the use of implants, an overdenture can be constructed and held in place resulting in increased confidence and more comfortable chewing.

Special Needs Patients

Individuals who suffer from special mental or physical challenges often have difficulty finding a dentist capable of accepting their case. Because we can coordinate dental care with an anesthesiologist, we can provide general anesthesia for those individuals with special needs.

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