Your First Visit

Arrive as our guest…
    …leave as our friend

When you arrive for your first appointment, you will quickly see we view you not as a patient, but as our guest. Our reception room, complete with fireplace, television and beverage service, is meant to make you feel like you are visiting a friend’s home rather than a barren waiting room.

When it is time to begin your appointment you will be escorted to a room in the business area. After collecting some registration information, you will meet Dr. Sangrik. After getting acquainted, you and he will discuss your dental goals and concerns. If you are one of the many people who fear dental treatment, this is an ideal opportunity to express your worries and reservations.

Together, you and Dr. Sangrik will then go to a treatment room and meet additional members of our dental team. Dr. Sangrik will then perform a comprehensive examination including your head, neck, lymph nodes and mouth. All oral soft tissues will be examined including your throat, cheeks, tongue and floor of the mouth to check for oral cancer or other abnormalities. Your teeth will be examined to determine what dentistry has been done in the past as well as to determine if new decay (cavities) is present.

Most people are surprised to learn that adults loose more teeth due to gum disease than due to cavities. Additionally, recent research has linked the bacteria in gum disease to cardiac and vascular problems. Because gum disease rarely has symptoms a person would notice until its final stages, we will thoroughly examine your gums to insure you do not suffer from this silent threat to your oral health. Since our treatment rooms are computerized, we can collect extensive statistical data on the health of your gums and easily compare it for changes at future check-ups.

Finally, Dr. Sangrik will check your occlusion (how your teeth meet together) and examine the joint between your upper and lower jaws.

Based on the above information, Dr. Sangrik and you will discuss if additional information should be gathered at this time. This may include x-rays, intra-oral photographs and/or diagnostic models.

We believe in giving you the time and attention you deserve. Therefore, most new patients are asked to return for a consultation. After Dr. Sangrik has carefully reviewed the information gathered at the examination, he will meet with you for a personal consultation. At this time we will review your priorities and information collected at your exam. Together, we will then develop a personalized treatment plan.

Many apprehensive dental patients find that merely by having a clear "blueprint" of their treatment, they are much less apprehensive. For those needing specific sedation techniques, we will discuss your options.

Because quality dental care is an investment of your time, effort and money, your consultation will include information on the length of treatment and the anticipated fees. In this way, you may plan accordingly without the fear of unexpected surprises.

Our goal is to insure we thoroughly identify any threat to your oral health and do so in an environment where you feel comfortable.

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