Our Mission

"Our goal is to elevate our patientís expectations
of dentistry and then help them achieve the highest
level of oral health they choose to pursue."

We realize people come to our office for many reasons. For some, it may be a painful emergency that needs to be addressed. For others, their desire is to prevent dental problems. Still others are seeking to improve the attractiveness of their smile.

Regardless of your motivation, our genuine desire is to help you learn all that modern dentistry can do for you. Then, based on your goals, we can help you develop a dental treatment plan specific for you.

To do this, we use a time-proven, five-step process.

Emergency Care: If pain prompted you to contact us, we will provide prompt emergency care to relieve the problem.

Examination: This is an opportunity to thoroughly gather information not only about your teeth, but also your entire mouth. For most new patients, this is the first visit. For specific details about this appointment, see our web page, Your First Visit located under Our Services.

Consultation: This is perhaps the most important time we will spend together and the stage that may make our office seem unique to you. We believe by planning and discussing your treatment before starting, you will thoroughly understand what needs to be done, why it is important, and how you can help. Many concerns and reservations about dental treatment can be prevented when everyone involved has the same, clear plan in mind.

Treatment: With a clear plan in mind we can proceed through any needed treatment in minimal time with a minimal number of office visits.

Maintenance: Oral health is only of value if it can be preserved. We will help you develop a strategy to help you maintain your dental health and beautiful smile.

By adhering to these five basic principles, we have helped thousands of people achieve optimum oral health since beginning our practice in 1979. If you are not already a member of our family of patients, why not call us today and schedule an appointment?

Larry J. Sangrik, D.D.S.
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